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Server downtime has returned to normal Sep-14-2020 03:01:32 AM
Due to the network upgrade of our server provider, so our website is inaccessible. Now it has returned to normal and all pending withdrawals have been processed.
best regards, Team celebrates 250 days of success! Sep-13-2020 04:06:47 PM
Dear members,
Our coinscola company’s online investment platform was launched on January 7, 2020. It has been operating smoothly for 250 days. The total investment has exceeded 62 million U.S. dollars. It has been paid normally, exceeding 34 million U.S. dollars. .
At present, BTC, as the most popular and popular currency among the cryptocurrencies, has become the first choice for everyone to invest online. Our company has a large number of cryptocurrency trading experts who are committed to high-frequency and stable professionalism on major trading platforms around the world. Trading, our long-term development is inseparable from the long-term support of our members, next we will continue to bring stable profits to our members.
Now we are planning to cooperate with blockchain R&D companies around the world to move towards a broader investment market.
best regards, Team
Coinscola Limited officially Opening! Aug-10-2020 02:57:50 PM
Dear visitors,
We are pleased to announce the official launch of our online platform. After a long period of dedication and careful planning, our website is now fully operational and available to general public and investors from anywhere in the world.
We focus on developing a solid investment offer based on our believes that stability is a major requirement for a successful investment strategy. To ensure a convenient worldwide user experience, we accept some of the most used cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin and Litecoin. Furthermore, an experienced team is always ready to help and support our users. We will take every effort to fulfill our clients higher expectations and take excellent care of their interests.

We truly hope to build a long and successful partnership with you, making this, one of the most successful investment programs on the market.

Wishing you success and prosperity, Team